The Bone Collector (1999)

Director – Phillip Noyce

Starring – Denzel Washington, Angelina Jolie, Queen Latifah, Luis Guzmán, Michael Rooker, Mike McGlone, Leland Orser, Bobby Cannavalle, Ed O’Neill

Notes & scribbles

  • Based on the first Lincoln Rhyme novel by Jeffrey Deaver
  • Denzel is even good when he just moves his head and his finger!
  • Quite funny watching the featurette on the DVD with the producer, director and Denzel all talking about the young, almost unknown, actress (Jolie) that was cast and how she was brilliant, while Jolie herself seemed quite excited about being in the film.  Quite the difference from the superstar she is now.
  • Rooker seems to play the Michael Rooker part he plays in lots of films.
  • Thought Queen Latifah was good in her small part.
  • Saw this in the cinema originally.

The Taking Of Pelham 1 2 3 (2009)

Director – Tony Scott

Starring – Denzel Washington, John Travolta, Luis Guzmán, John Turturro, Michael Rispoli, James Gandolfini,

What’s it all about? – Remake of the 1974 film The Taking Of Pelham One Two Three (words not numbers), about a gang who steal a subway train (no prizes for guessing where it came from and what time it left)

Notes & Scribbles

  • Based on the novel ‘The Taking Of Pelham One Two Three’ (1973) by John Godey
  • Good beard Denzel.
  • Bad tache John.
  • Decent remake, preferred the original though.

Safe House (2012)

Director – Daniel Espinosa

Starring – Ryan Reynolds, Denzel Washington, Robert Patrick, Brendan Gleeson, Sam Shepard, Vera Farmiga, Joel Kinnaman, Liam Cunningham, Ruben Blades

What’s it all about? – When a story starts with a young agent in his first post, you just know things are not going to go smoothly.  Reynolds is the ‘housekeeper’ of the safe house where Denzel is placed and questioned.  After the house is attacked they go on the run, where they have one or two trust issues, not only with each other, but with pretty much everyone.

Notes & Scribbles

  • In one scene Tobin Frost shaves off his beard and cuts his hair down to look like Denzel Washington.
  • Reynolds, who I’ve predominantly seen in comedic roles, fared pretty well up against the legend that is Denzel.
  • Some good scenes in the shantytown areas of Cape Town.