The Restless Breed (1957)

Director – Allan Dwan

Starring – Scott Brady, Anne Bancroft, Jay C. Flippen, Jim Davis, Rhys Williams, Leo Gordon


What’s it all about? – A man sets off on a revenge mission after his father is murdered, and gets involved with the local mission, in Mission!

Notes & Scribbles

  • One of those westerns with a theme song over the opening credits, then the tune is used throughout the film.
  • On a map they show Mission, TX. Nearby is Edinburg! Need to find out if that’s real.
  • There was a cock-fight in the pub!
  • Early role for Anne Bancroft before she (ahem) ‘graduated’ to bigger roles.  She did some dancing in this.
  • Recognised the very distinctive voice of the actor (Leo Gordon) playing Cherokee (he was Quantrill in Quantrill’s Raiders)
  • The hero always seems to get the girl in these films, or at least the girl falls for him, regardless of how rotten he treats her.
  • Pretty sure the Jim Davis who was in this is not the Jim Davis who created Garfield.  I could be wrong right enough 😉
  • I checked. The Edinburg is real!