The Hunter (2011)

Director – Daniel Nettheim

Starring – Willem Dafoe, Sam Neill, Frances O’Connor

Notes & scribbles

  • Based on the 1999 novel of the same name by Julia Leigh
  • Live scribbling as I watch.
  • Nice beard Willem.
  • Tasmanian tiger hunt then.
  • One of the kids is called Bike??
  • The locals don’t seem too friendly towards Willem.
  • So the kids dad is missing. Wonder if Willem is gonna be distracted from the job in hand?
  • Scenery looks amazing.
  • Gunshot! Is the hunter being hunted?
  • The locals don’t like environmentalists (greenies).
  • I’m on Fire by Springsteen.  Opening lines very apt.
  • Infrared camera in a tree?
  • Ok. Bike’s real name is Jamie. That’s a relief.
  • Looks like Bike is helping Willem by drawing pictures.
  • Those traps look terrifying!
  • Ooyah! Ran right into that branch there. Sare face!
  • So the greenies cost the loggers their jobs
  • Sam Neill is up to something!
  • Think Willem found the dad. Or whats left of him.
  • No tiger so far.
  • The weather can look quite Scottish there. Chucking it doon!
  • Uh-oh – that’s the guy from the start of the film.  What’s he up to?
  • I’m sensing some kind of showdown.
  • He’s caught in a trap. He can’t get out!
  • BANG!
  • Springsteen song doubly ironic now!
  • Was that a Tassie tiger?
  • What a strange looking creature.
  • Sad, wee ending though I did enjoy it.

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