Room 237 (2012)

Director – Rodney Ascher

Starring – Lots of people with way too much time on their hands.

What’s it all about?  ‘Experts’ in various fields go into huge amounts of detail, with various interpretations and conspiracy theories that may, or may not, be visible while watching Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining

Notes and scribbles

  • If you ever have the opportunity to watch the same film, over and over again, you’ll probably start noticing things you hadn’t seen before.  And if you are an expert in a specific field, then you will probably be able to watch a film and find something in it, that you can talk about.
  • If you are sad enough to watch it in slow motion, frame by frame, or in one case here, backwards, then you have got way too much time on your hands.  I know The Shining is a great film, but come on!

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